Well we are happy to confirm that the track surface is now finished to the necessary specifications, and with the timing system now up and working, we are essentially ready to go. We do however need to undertake some staff training, and with Christmas and the New Year upon us, we have decided that the first race meeting will be run in February 2016.

Please note that the first meeting will be a members and sponsors-only meeting in order to keep numbers down so that we can put the facility through its paces and test for any issues. Both competitors and spectators will be limited to Springmount members and sponsors, although each member/sponsor will be allowed to bring a +1 and children under 13. More details on this event, including a specific date, will be provided shortly.

Following the above members and sponsors event will be the grand opening in March. Everyone will be welcome to attend this event. Again, further details will be released shortly.

We realise both of the above events are during the wet season, so will obviously be subject to weather. We are keen to get going however, as we are sure you are too!

As mentioned above, prior to these events will be staff training. For anyone who has previously provided us their details as a potential track staff member, please note that you will be contacted shortly. For anyone who has not yet provided their details but is interested in being involved, please e-mail your details to

Finally, please note that we are currently putting together a newsletter which will provide members and sponsors with regular updates. The first edition of this will be sent out next week.

Please stay tuned for further news including the full 2016 calendar which will be confirmed before Christmas.

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