Springmount Raceway has decided to go with the exciting new 400 Thunder Drag Racing Series and IHRA sanctioning due to various benefits which include reduced costs to competitors and innovative changes which we hope will improve the sport for all involved.

We have also secured the opening round of the 2016/17 400 Thunder Sportsman Series, kicking off the second 400 Thunder season in style in the tropics.

400 Thunder CEO Maurice Allen said the announcement of a fourth world-class quarter mile track running under IHRA sanctioning is demonstration of the sanctioning body and series’ commitment to providing for racers all over Australia.

“It’s a momentous occasion for 400 Thunder as it moves to a full national championship and strengthens our network of international standard racetracks that will accommodate both Pro series and Sportsman racers,” Allen said.

“Springmount Raceway exceeds the stringent safety requirements put in place by the IHRA, and is truly world class.”

Further information regarding licenses, etc, will be published shortly.

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