1. ENTRIES: All entries are to be completed via the official entry form that can be found under the ‘Northern Nats’ tab on the Springmount Raceway website ( The form requires submission of photos of the vehicle to be entered and copies of drag racing time slips (if applicable). Northern Nats reserves the right to refuse entry of any vehicle if deemed to be inappropriate or not ofa sufficient standard befitting the event.

2. ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are payable upon acceptance of entry by Northern Nats. Failure to pay promptly may result in late nomination fees or cancellation of your nomination.

3. ENTRY CLOSING DATE: Entries close on May 1st.

4. LATE ENTRIES: Entry fees increase on April 1st. Entries may also be accepted on the gate but will be subject to availability and further late fees. No guarantees are made that entry on the gate will be accepted.

5. ENTRY REFUND POLICY: To obtain a refund on competitor entry, you must inform Northern Nats in writing,, no later than 72 hours prior to the commencement of the event.

6. CAMPING/COMPETITOR GATE OPEN TIMES: Camping/competitor gates will be open from:

  • Thursday 4th from 12 midday–10pm
  • Friday 5th from 7am–10pm
  • Saturday 6th from 7am–10pm
  • Sunday 7th from 7am–finish

Any access to the camping/competitor grounds outside of these hours will need to be pre-arranged.

7. COMPETITOR GATE PROCEDURES: Please ensure that approved entry forms are brought to the competitor gate upon entry. Competitors will be given a ticket which is to be presented at the scrutineering shed when signing-in and undertaking scrutineering. A competitor armband will then be issued by officials once scrutineering has been completed. Pit crew tickets will need to be purchased at the gate. Pit crew will also be given a ticket which is to be presented at the scrutineering shed in exchange for an armband. Pit crew prices are as per general admission for this event given that full access is obtained to the rest of the show.

8. COMPETITOR, CREW AND OFFICIALS INDEMNITY: All entrants, crew, officials and all personswith access to Restricted Areas are required to sign an indemnity at the scrutineering shed prior to competition and must wear the relevant armband at all times.

9. DRIVERS BRIEF: A driver’s brief will be held each morning in the staging lanes near the drag strip start line/tower (check event schedule for times). All entrants and crew must attend the briefs.

10. PIT/CAMPING AREA ALLOCATIONS: Allocation of pit/camping areas is at the discretion of Track officials. Generally, race/competition cars will begiven priority use of sealed pit areas over street cars. Camps comprising tents, makeshift tarps, etc, will be limited to the “outer” areas of the pits and camping grounds. In “inner” areas are to be for enclosed trailers, car displays and the like.

11. TOW VEHICLES: If you have a car that requires to be towed back from the deep end, you must drive with the flow of the cruise route, not up the return road as you would in a normal meeting (refer to Site Plan for details of cruise route). On the way back you go as per usual. Only competition cars are allowed tow vehicles. Drivers of tow vehicles MUST be at the drivers briefing also.

12.CRUISE ROUTE: All entrants can cruise the cruise route. On the cruise route the only place you are allowed to do a burnout is at the burnout pad. You are allowed to do a tip in or a bit of a power skid across the pad, but NO static burnouts or donuts. We need to keep smoke to a minimum for the drag racing, so if you want to do burnouts ENTER the burnout comp. Any flaunting of this rule may result in removal of your entrant sticker which means your car will not be able to be used any longer at the event. The speed limit is 30 km/h on the return road (other than on the burnout pad) and 20km/h everywhere else.

13. ALCOHOLICBEVERAGES/GLASS: Springmount Raceway is a licensed venue and therefore the consumption of alcohol is only permitted in the licensed spectator areas during the running of an event. As Northern Nats is a continuous 3-day event which does not finish until thegates close on Sunday, BYO alcohol is NOT is permitted to be brought into the event at any time. Vehicles will be checked upon entry and security and police will undertake random patrols of the camping grounds. Also, no glass containers (stubbies, bottles, jars etc) are permitted in the pit area at any time.

14. TRACK FM RADIO: The track’s FM radio broadcast is located on 89FM. The Track Radio (89FM) is used for broadcast of various information during an event.

15. EVENT REGULATIONS: The International HotRod Association (IHRA) sanctions Springmount Raceway as a Drag Racing facility. Events will be conducted under the guidelines and regulations laid down by this association. Some events may be scheduled using other nominated organisations and/or regulations. At all times the safety, class and other rules applicable to the relevant organisation are to be observed. Any debate as to the interpretation of racing regulations shall be determined by the Meeting Director in conjunction with senior personnel present on the day.

16. CURFEW: Race Engines must not be started before 7am or after 10pm. Campers must be mindful of others and must not make any other excessive noise during these hours.

17. SMOKING: Smoking is only permitted within designated smoking areas along the back of the spectator mounds or in private camping areas. Smoking is not permitted in the pit area or restricted racing areas.

18. ANIMALS/PETS: Other than registered Guide Dogs accompanying a disabled person, no animals/pets are permitted at Springmount Raceway on any race day or motor sporting type event. Both the animal and the animal handler/owner will be subject to immediate removal from the venue.

19. VEHICLE REMOVAL: Any vehicle incorrectly parked may be removed by Springmount Raceway. No responsibility will be accepted by Springmount Raceway for any damage incurred while removing an incorrectly parked vehicle.

20. POWER: Whilst power is available in the pit area, it is limited. Extension cords must be tagged, in good condition and must not cross roads. Competitors should bring their own generators.

21. WASTE OIL: Waste oil containers are located near the scrutineering shed. All oil must be disposed of in these containers or removed from the site.

22. VEHICLE APPEARANCE: All vehicles are required to be of neat appearance.

23. EVENT SCHEDULE: Springmount Raceway reserves the right to amend the event schedule, which may reduce racing opportunities in some circumstances. Springmount Raceway also reserves the right to combine brackets is insufficient competitor numbers exist. A minimum of 8 entries are required for a bracket to be run.

24. PRIZEMONEY: Prize money, ifapplicable, will be paid by way of bank transfer after the event. Prize winners are reminded to check their emails for correspondence about this following the event.

25. HEALTH AND SAFETY: All Competitors have a duty of care to their crew members, other competitors, and the general public, to identify and take measures to eliminate or control hazards or hazardous procedures within their allocated pit space and in any areas where their vehicle may be worked upon, driven or towed. Competitors are required to train, supervise and consult with their crew members in order to eliminate or control risks resulting from such hazards. All competitors, crew and associates must observe and obey all safety related directions and Occupational Health and Safety requirements that may be given to the competitor, their crew members and associates by the management of Springmount Raceway or its authorised representatives. Failure to act in accordance with such instructions may result in disqualification.

26. DUTY OF CARE–STATEMENT: It is Springmount Raceway’s duty to advise you: That motor racing can be dangerous; your equipment could be damaged or destroyed; and you may suffer serious personal injury or worse. If there is any aspect of an event that causesyou concern for your personal safety or for that of any member of your crew, whether that concern be with the track, the venue or the manner in which the meeting is being conducted, it is your obligation to bring those concerns to the attention of the Meeting Director or authorised representative. If after doing this those concerns are not addressed to your satisfaction, you are advised to withdraw from the event. It is important that you understand your obligations and rights in this regard. It is Springmount Raceway’s duty to advise you that at any time during this event that random drug and or alcohol testing may take place. If you have any doubts as to your ability to pass such a test with a negative or zero reading you should withdraw from any drivingevents IMMEDIATELY.

27. SOCIAL MEDIA: Springmount Raceway encourages participation in online social media in a positive manner with freedom of expression. The accessible nature of the Internet however, can lend itself to the posting of threatening and derogatory material in the heat of the moment. Once your thoughts and comments are published to the Internet they are visible to the world-and they are permanent. Springmount Raceway takes all cases of threatening and derogatory behaviour seriously and will treat online matters as it would ‘real world’ bullying. Instances of posts not in the best interest will be dealt with in an appropriate manner. Serious consequences including a loss of racing privileges may be enforced for those who participate in bringing Springmount Raceway and its participants into disrepute.

28. COMMERCIAL ARRANGEMENTS: Springmount Raceway Pty Ltd holds the commercial rights at the venue, including but not limited to sales of food, beverage, signs, sponsorship, trade sites, ticket sales and entry fees. The management of Springmount Raceway reserves the right to remove and/or disqualify any person or company found to be undertaking ambush marketing or any promotion by unauthorised commercial sales, distributing advertising or promotional material or products within the venue.

29. COMPETITOR MERCHANDISE SALES: Competitors and/or Teams are permitted to sell Driver and Team specific apparel and merchandise at Springmount Raceway on the following conditions; – All products, posters, apparel and merchandise must feature that racer’s name and/or team name and/or car identification. – Sales of Team merchandise must be conducted within the allocated pit area. – Strictly no “commercial” promotional or product giveaways are permitted unless approved by Springmount Raceway prior to the event. Should a Competitor or Team wish to market merchandise in variance to this policy this can only be facilitated through a commercial trade site under the applicable costs, terms and conditions. Springmount Raceway reserves the right to order the withdrawal from sale or display any item or product it considers offensive or inappropriate or violates State or Federal laws.

30. COMPETITOR SPONSOR EXPOSURE: Within the designated pit area, Competitors and/or Teams are permitted to display Team and sponsor signage, banners, flags and relevant promotional material. However the distribution or sampling of any products is not permitted without approval. The use of promotional personnel is permitted withinthe Team’s designated pit area and when the vehicle on track. However Team promotional personnel are not permitted to walk through the venue distributing material or undertaking any promotional activities unless approved by Springmount Raceway.

31. SPONSOR GRAPHICS / ADVERTISING RESTRICTIONS: Springmount Raceway reserves the right to regulate any advertising or other material appearing on any participant and on the body of any vehicle or transporter participating in Springmount Raceway events. Participantsand vehicles may be excluded from competition and from event facilities if, in Springmount Raceway management’s absolute discretion, any advertising or other material displayed on a person, race or support vehicle, or in a pit area or otherwise is not inthe best interests of Springmount Raceway and the sport of Drag Racing. All advertising, signage and graphic be suitable for exposure to children attending the events at Springmount Raceway. DRAG RACING SPECIFIC REGULATIONS

32. RACER START LINE CREW: OnlyCrew that are eligible for the specific classes are permitted to be in the start line area during the pre-race and race of the team’s vehicle. All crew should vacate the area immediately after the race.

33. JUNIOR DRAGSTER CREW: Competitors and crew between 8 and 14 years in Junior Dragster are permitted, provided a Parent/Guardian’s Acknowledgement of Risk Form is completed. Permission for minors to enter Restricted Areas can only be given by their legal Parent or Guardian, not by the person responsible for them on the day.

34. RESTRICTED AREA: The restricted area is defined as: The entire racetrack bounded by the spectator fences and includes the line-marked staging lanes. The restricted area can only be accessed by racers, crew and officials who have signed the indemnity and are authorised to do so. Crew aged between 8 and 14 years of age can access this area only during Junior Dragster competition.

35. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS ON TRACK: All crew members and related family and/or friends must not approachthe scene of an on-track accident or incident until approved by the track safety crew and officials. Failure to do so or the interference with the track safety staff or officials in an will result in suspension of racing privileges

36. CREW, OFFICIALS APPEARANCE: Only personnel in uniform of neat appearance will be permitted to be in the start line area. Minimum dress standards for crew/officials are sleeved shirt, shorts/skirt and enclosed footwear.

37. SCRUTINEERING: Springmount Raceway operates under the IHRA Extended Scrutineering Program (ESP), as per section 1.4.2 of the IHRA rulebook. Springmount Raceway makes no representation, warranties or assurances that an Audit Inspection including the review of any written information will: a) Detect any problem with a race vehicle or a driver/rider’s personal equipment or clothing. b) Detect any problem with rule compliance. c) Prevent injury, death or property damage. The competitor bares the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of theirrace vehicle and to ensure that they comply with all applicable rules and regulations. At those events where the IHRA ESP method of auditing is not used all vehicles must present themselves for scrutineering prior to qualifying or testing. All competitors are required to complete the scrutineering process.

38. COOLANT IN RACE CARS: The use of Glycol based coolants in purpose built race cars is prohibited.
Genuine street driven vehicles are exempt if they use the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended coolant.

39. STAGING LANE ALLOCATION: Staging Lane officials and/or Bracket Marshals will advise staging lane allocations during the event.

40. BURNOUTS: All Group 1, 2, Supercharged Outlaws and Top Sportsman vehicles are restricted to one (1) across the line burnout. All other Group 3 vehicles must not cross the start line prior to the start of the race under any circumstances whatsoever; this includes over-staging (putting out the stage beam). Competitors are reminded that over-staging is grounds for disqualification.

41. IN THE HANDS OF THE STARTER: A reasonable amount of time will be allowed to prepare for the vehicle starting procedure, however failure to start or stalling a vehicle that needs outside assistance to re-start will result in the loss of that qualifier or disqualification in the case of eliminations.

42. LEAVING THE RACING SURFACE AFTER A RUN: At the completion of the run, racers in the Left Lane must give way to the Right Lane as they turn to exit onto the return road. All Competitors should familiarise themselves with the nature and locations of the Finish Line, Return Road, Sand Trap, Catch Nets and Exit Points off the Track Surface, prior to their first run on the track.

43. ON TRACK BREAKAGES: Any competitor who aborts a run due to breakageor suspected equipment failure must pull over to the side of the lane and stop as soon as safely possible to minimise the loss of time due to oil downs or track damage.